What is Real Truth About Losing Pounds, And
Who Is Thomas Hill And Why Should You Listen to Him?

There are thousands of diet programs and dozens of people claiming to be experts. However, very few of these so-called "Fat loss experts" practice what they preach or have the credentials and track record to back up their claims. Since you're probably wondering how this program is different, here's the beginning of the whole story:

Thomas has been studying the science of bodybuilding, that is the mechanics of metabolism and muscle growth, for the past ten years. He has been training and testing out different strategies. He has been involved in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, nutritionist, motivation coach, and actually also been a freelance writer for nearly 8 years. Bodybuilding and fitness is his life - it's all he has ever done. That’s why he now offer you his knowledge and services practically free of charge, at least for a certain period of time...

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