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PPC - Google AdWords

3 months ago when looking up the keywords: lose pounds and losing pounds, we saw half bars (you know the green bars) of PPC competition in Googles External Keyword Tool for almost all keywords displayed.

Today this has changed. But this also means that the competition is no where near the competition in keywords like: fat loss, lose weight, losing weight, weight loss ...

This is almost like being the first to promote a weight loss product in a zero competition market.

There are still a lot of lose pounds and losing pounds keywords up for grabs!

What's great about this product is that it can be used for all "lose pounds" keywords.

Examples of PPC Ad Keywords you can use:

lose pounds
lose 10 pounds
lose 20 pounds
how to lose pounds
lose 30 pounds
lose pounds days
lose pounds in days
lose pounds week
loose pounds
lose 15 pounds
lose 5 pounds
lose pounds fast
lose ten pounds
lose 50 pounds
lose 40 pounds
lose pound
losing pounds
how to lose 10 pounds
lose 25 pounds
lose pounds in one week

Examples of PPC Ads you can use:


Lose Pounds Fast
Lose Pounds Quick
Lose Pounds Now
Lose Pounds System
Lose Pounds Program

Ad Text:

Lose Pounds Doesn't Have To Be Hard
Get the Body Of Your Dreams in 90 Days

Lose Pounds Easily Today
Get the Body Of Your Dreams in 90 Days

Stop Dieting and Start Living
Change Your Body Overnight!

Use the Powerful Secrets of Losing
Pounds Simply become Healthy!

Amazing New System
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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

If you know a little bit about SEO you can make a killing with this product.

HOT Tip for SEO newbie:

1. Find you "lose pounds" keyword.
2. Make a blog, website or a web 2.0 property (like Squidoo, Hubpages, Vox,...)
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Banners you can use on your website

Below is a selection of banners in different sizes. Feel free to use them on your website.

You can also use them in banner exchange programs. I've listed some of the most effective ones below. Clicking on each one will open a new window.

The Banner Exchange

Impressionz (UK Network)

Exchange Ad

Remember to link from the banners with your affiliate link. Replace the xxxxx with your clickbank nickname

How to save banners to your computer

Right click, select "Save Target As" and save the banners below.

(It is very important that you host your own banners. This is because we may randomly change where we host our banners, thus your banners will not work.)

So, please host these banners yourself.

160x600 Wide skyscraper:

300x250 Medium Rectangle:

728x90 Leaderboard:

468x60 Full horizontal banner:


Articles you can use on your blog, newsletter or website

Below are articles you can reproduce on your blog, website or newsletter.

Remember to put in your clickbank link.

Right click, select "Save Target As" and save the .rar-files to your computer.

10 Diet articles
10 Fitness-equipments articles
10 Muscle Building articles
10 Weight loss articles
10 WorkOut articles

P.S: These articles have been purchased. But they have only been used one time before. There should be no problem in using these. You should be good.

P.S.P.S: To open this article file you need WinRar. If you do not have this installed on your computer you need to download it. Go here and download your free version: WinRar!


Ezine Solo Ad Copy

Use this solo ad copy for advertising in the ezines. Or you can use it in your own ezine. Feel free to modify the ad copy ad you see fit.

Just copy the solo ads from below.

Remember to change you affiliate link in the Ad copy below.
Replace the xxxxx with your Clickbank nickname.

Ezine Solo Ad:

Subject: Get the body of your dreams - fast!

Dear Subscriber,

Have you always wanted to try to lose weight
but weren't quite sure where to start?

Have you ever wondered how so many people do it
but you have a hard time getting the same results?

The fact is, people actually do lose weight,
and so can you. It doesn't matter if you've
never done it before. After all, everyone has
to start one place or another.


The real key to lose a lot of weight is to know
the tips, tricks, and exercise secrets that really
kick things into high gear!

Great, you're probably thinking, and just where is all of
that kind of information located?

Well, it's right here:

Let me introduce you to the Real Truth About Losing Pounds,
an amazing new system designed especially to reveal the key
information you need about losing pounds.

You don't need a college degree to lose weight, you
just need the Real Truth About Losing Pounds. This system
has taught hundreds of people just like you exactly what
they need to know to get the body of their dreams.

You will learn a lot of new things in this system.
I could never list everything in a message this short.
Believe me when I say, though, that the secrets of the
most successful people in losing weight are waiting for
you inside this system.

The truth is, people just like you are making weight loss
from this as you read this. And the bigger truth is,
you can do it too, with the Real Truth About Losing Pounds.

Hop over to this page and find out more:

To Your Success,


P.S. The Real Truth About Losing Pounds system tells
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body you want now. You need to know the secrets of losing
weight. Start learning them now:


Classified Ad Copy

Small Classified Ad Copy:

How you can start to lose weight and
get the body of your dreams in as little as 90 days.
Step-by-step guide that reveals the secrets of losing pounds.

Learn how to kick your weight loss into high gear
by learning the secrets that is told in the "Real Truth
About Losing Pounds" and get the body of your dreams in 90 days.


Ezine / Newsletter Advertising

Use the ad copy outlined above for your own ezine or pay for advertising in other peoples ezines.

Here is a list of good places to find ezines:

For more eZines to advertise in do a search on Google for "ezine directory" or "ezine directories".


Good luck with your promotions.



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